Gold Bullion Prices

Monex Gold Bullion PricesAs a store of wealth that is rare, tangible and durable, gold bullion has been  held by investors for centuries to hedge against inflation, deflation and political uncertainty. Gold bullion is a highly liquid asset that can be easily moved, stored or transferred and has consistently been used to diversify investment portfolios.

Monex offers gold bullion in three convenient forms, each with unique  benefits for individual investors:

The 10-ounce gold bullion bar, considered the industry standard unit, is of at least .995 purity and has traditionally been used for trading and storage. Every bar features the hallmark of the refiner that certifies the weight and purity of the gold bar.

Second, Monex offers the 32.15 troy ounce gold bar, commonly known as a “kilobar,” is a one-kilogram bullion bar. Each gold bullion kilobar is at least .999 purity and is stamped or hallmarked by the refiner to certify the weight and purity.

Finally, and exclusive to Monex, is the Monex-certified 10-ounce gold bullion ingot. These bars are composed of pure .9999 (“four-nines) fine gold bullion and are among the purest gold bullion bars available to investors today. Each bar is certified by Monex to guarantee weight and purity, and further hallmarked by Heraeus and the 800 year-old Austrain Mint.

As a trusted name in gold bullion, Monex executes billions of dollars in precious metals transactions annually, allowing us to offer competitive gold bullion prices. Contact a Monex Account Representative to learn more about which gold bullion bar is appropriate for your personal investment strategy.

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Please Note:

  • Spot prices represent midpoint between Monex bid and ask bullion prices per ounce.
  • Closing prices are the last prices of the business day.
  • Candlestick charts and closing price charts do not incorporate the current trading day.

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